June 9, 2009

My mini MAC Naked Honey Collection Review :)

Okay, so on Sunday night me and two of my best friends, Chris and Lorie visited SunValley mall out in Concord, here in the Bay Area. Knowing that I can't pass by MAC without stopping there, they came with me and enjoyed it more than they thought, and even came out with some goodies! :) While the MA was pulling out a product from the drawer for Lorie, I caught a glipse of one of the Naked Honey collection's highlighting powders. My eyes went O__O and I was like, "YOU ALREADY HAVE IT?!" and Glenn (the MA) says, "Yeah! Do you wanna see it?" and we were like, "DUH OF COURSE!" LOL!

He let us into the back where they had a mini makeup room set up, with the promotional displays on a counter, next to a look book (i'm assuming it was the collection's face charts), and the summer trend bags for the Style Warriors collection were on the counter as well (the LARGE sized bag is a lot LARGER than I thought it was! Remember the Hello Kitty large bag? Yeah, it's like 6x bigger! HAHA!). I REALLY wanted to take more pictures but I was sooooo shy! So we snuck in taking this picture really quick, as well as some on my iPhone.

Too juiced haha!

The collection<3

Like with every MAC collection that comes out, i'm usually always excited to see the collection in person first, and then decide what to buy, and by having the chance to see it early helped me make my decisions! The only problem was that, I didn't want to swatch everything because all of it was BRAND new and I was shy! HAHAH! Maybe next time when I have another chance to see a collection early, i'll try to do a full on review and swatch :) So out of the stuff I did try out, here's what I thought:

Highlight powder in Honey Light($24.50 U.S.)

Description from maccosmetics.com:

"A High-Light Powder specially created for the Naked Honey collection. Features an embossed honeycomb pattern. Superfine, impeccably pearlized, it creates soft highlights on cheek, brow, shoulders - anywhere on the body. Limited edition.

Honey Light is a light peachy gold with shimmer."

Glen applied this to my cheekbones after he redid my face (yeah, he did everything since I was looking a little orange and he re-color matched me as well) and let's just say this highlighting powder added that extra scheen to my skin that made it glow. It looks very natural and he actually used it when the TOP layer of the powder was already at it's minimum. The top layer seems like a very shimmery, bright gold highlight, but it doesn't apply as heavy as it may seem. Use it lightly just to make sure you don't over do it :). I'll probably end up getting the darker one as well because both are beautiful and limited, and the honeycomb design on the powder is just TOO CUTE! Did I mention this smelled like honey too?

Naked Honey Skin Salve ($18.50 U.S.) - New from MAC, the description states:

"Formulated from organic beeswax, sunflower oil and other natural ingredients, this rich honey-scented and flavoured salve instantly moisturizes and helps recondition dry skin. Multi-purpose. Use everywhere. Limited edition."

When I first saw this online, I was curious on how I would use it. I have really dry skin on my elbows, my knees, and especially on the back of my arms (stupid dry bumpy skin!), and I thought that since this salve was for multi-use and can be used everywhere, it seemed interesting and I wanted to try it out before I bought it. The consistency of the salve in the pretty good sized container is really thick and smells awesome. A little could go a long way, and I would suggest using a little at a time to build it up instead of using a large amount. I tried it on my elbow, rubbed it in and to me, it wasn't as sticky as I thought it would be which was good. It dried fast but kept my elbow soft for the rest of the day. I compared it to my other dry elbow, and there was a difference. I think the difference would be more dramatic over the time I use it. I want to try it on my lips too for moisturizing it, because the MAC Lip Conditioner in a tube is just way too slippery for me to wear over night. I'm excited to get this because I haven't been taking care of my skin too well, and now's the time! Summer is here and warm days = skin bearing clothes :)

MAC Creations Hue: Naked Honey ($25.00) - Description:

"An aromatic journey that traces honey's fragrant heart back to summer's sweetest blooms. Energy starts to buzz, spirits soar, light floral and woodsy notes float toward an electric finale. Sweet and sexy all the way. Limited edition."

This perfume is the FIRST MAC perfume that I ever really liked! Two sprays and it stayed on for longer than my Escada perfume does (and I LOVE that perfume, but it doesn't stay long.. and for the price... ugh -__-). This one smelled way better than the other one (Africanimal). Africananimal has a more... musky scent? LOL I don't know the word :) Not much to say about this product, but if you love the scent of honey, you'll love this perfume.

Overall, I really like this collection! I can say that I will end up buying more things from this collection, than what I got from the Sugarsweet Collection or the Rose Romance one. I still want to see the lipglasses and eyeshadows, as well as the lotions. This is already available online, and MAC is also having their friends and family online sale soon! If I find the details, i'll post it here.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Until later, beauties! <3

June 2, 2009

Aww, poor blog :(

I know i've been seriously neglecting this poor thing! Life has been super busy and crazy lately, but since i'm at work alone i'll give a quick update :)

Guess what! I'm going to be graduating from CSUEB on Sunday, June 14th! I'm going to have my B.A. in graphic design, and what I really want to do is go into product design and marketing with a cosmetics company... I know that by searching, Benefit was hiring for a graphic designer... but we'll see what happens. Who knows where my degree will take me... I just can't be scared of leaving home anymore. If not product design with a cosmetics company, my dream job would be with Disney or Pixar! If you haven't seen "UP" yet, what are you doing sitting here reading this? YOU MUST GO NOW!! :D

I have still been painting my nails and changing the color every week, so if you follow me on Twitter, you can check my updates there. Also I think I accidentally rejected one follower request... Strawberry Shortcake I think, and i'm very sorry! If you still want to follow me, i'll definitely approve your request :)

I also have some looks to post, lately i've just been doing my makeup for going out at night, so lots of smokey eye looks and dark lips (not together obviously LOL).

annnnnnnnnnd I can't wait until we head to Hawai'i in the summer! We have our tickets already and are officially island bound.

I really want to go to IMATS so bad! But it's my boyfriend's birthday weekend and I highly doubt he'll want to be spending it at a makeup convention LOL, but I still tried to convince him telling him we can go to Disneyland for free on Sunday, 6/21 for his actual birthday. His answer was still no :( *le sigh*

If i've missed anything else, i'll put it in my next update.

Until next time my pretties!