April 13, 2009

While i'm here...

QUICK little update, while i'm sitting here alone at work :)

Easter was fun! Chillin with the family, good times as always.

Who knew the $1 store had some nice eyelashes?

Hawai'i bound, I hope :( Money is STRESSING ME OUT LIKE NO OTHER!!

I went all through Lent without eating rice! Success ^___^

Tarena Tahiti coming up.

I LOOOVEEE Seche Vite. Review coming soon!

aaannndd, Ikka sucks at SF4:)

I'll be back later my loves!


  1. Hey mamas! thanks for stopping by my blog! you and your lil sis look too much alike :)

    what color are you in MAC? just wondering so I could reference that to the Revlon foundation. I've heard that one was good and want to try anything after that darn MAC broke me out!

  2. girl you better get a Twitter so we can chat on that! lol..i'm an NC 40 right now too so I think I'll give that bad boy a try.

    I STAY on my blog at work. haha..i uplaod my pics at home then publish my posts here..haha

    we're sooo bad :P

  3. LOL! I'm at work right now and I just NOW read the comment you posted, and during my lunch time earlier today, I went to Sally's and I bought: Strawberry Fields and Turned Up Turqoise Neon! hahahaha! Craaazzyy!

  4. Oh hiya there, just found your blog and think it's great!!! I'm now "following" you haha love all your photos, you are stunning!!!!
    Btw, love your little dog, what a cutie!!!

  5. Good job on making it through lent lol! I didn't make it all the way to the end ;(

  6. seche vite! i really want that, i hear alot of good reviews on that! and also im in love with all your hello kitty!! ahh that hk key glove is soo cute!